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Tracio is a gorgeous 16.3h tall stallion with a lovely white mane and tail and excellent breed type conformation. Born in 2005. Tracio is of 100% Guardiola origins. Both his father, Martelillo IV, and his mother, Hipica II, are originally from the Guardiola stud. Tracio's Great Grandsire, Maromo, is a very well known and respected Guardiola sire. Reflected 4 times in Tracio's pedigree is the legendary Terry Bacado stud, Gorron II. We might say Tracio has taken the best from his parents. This is the beauty and conformational breed type of his mother and the strength and great movements of his father. His character is the perfect blend of both parents. The willingness to go forward and cooperate from his father and his outstanding temperament from his mother.


 His overall quality is reflected in his prestigious status of "Calificado" or Qualified, by the ANCCE Qualified Tribunal. Triple qualified by ANCCE. He has been awarded the Green performance ribbon (Excellente Jrr Doma Classica). Recommended breeding stock for dressage by ANCCE. His Qualification and high training level to Grand Prix make Tracio a very rare to find PRE stallion.


We would like to highlight his excellent conformation for dressage. Starting by his uphill build and horse frame, which is rare to find in a PRE. Additionally he has a pronounced and long withers, a good top line, and a long croup. Finally we should mention Tracio's strong and solid bones, hooves, and overall structure.


Tracio has a wonderful character. He is easy to handle both in the stable and at work. He has shown his excellent character in competitions surrounded by many other horses and mares.

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